Leverage Your Online Reputation


In this activity, you will take a snapshot of where and how you show up (or don't show up) online. You will also identify the immediate actions you can take to impact your online reputation.
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Thanks {{answer_INnqcGQKtwfp}}! Now, watch the video here to learn how you can get the most out of this coaching activity.

Now, take just a few minutes and Google your name.

Some tips while you Google:
1. Recall Ben's tip in the video and open a new page in your browser in "incognito" or private mode.
2. Type in your name.
3. Keep the search page open as you complete the questions below.
4. Remember to look at both the Google search and Image results.

When you are ready, click below to continue with the activity.
What showed up for you in your Google search? *

In your answer include if there was anything that surprised you or anything that seems unfavorable to your reputation.
How do you feel about the results of your Google search? *

Now, let's consider your online assets.

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Where Do You Show Up Online?

There are several places where you leave a digital footprint. Your digital footprint includes the websites you engage with, emails sent, and information submitted to online services. Within each of these areas there are different levels of engagement:

- 90% of users consume content by lurking, listening, viewing profiles, etc. On a dance floor, these people would be the wallflowers watching from the perimeter.

- 9% of users are passive contributors that interact with content by liking, sharing, leaving comments and asking questions. On a dance floor, these people are the fist pumpers. They are standing on the outside bopping their heads, tapping their toes or pumping their fists to the music with occasionally joining in for that signature "YMCA" or slow dance.

- 1% of users are active contributors and create content by writing blogs and articles, posting updates, pictures and videos, sharing their opinion in reviews, emails, and conference calls, etc. These people are the break dancers in the middle of the dance floor setting the scene for others.

Use this information as you answer the following questions.

Let's start with your online presence external to your organization.

What external sites do you engage with? *

Choose all that apply.

For the external sites where you spend the most time, pick the dance floor image that best represents your engagement level. *

Where else does your digital footprint show up? *

Social media sites are a part of your overall digital footprint. Outside of social media, your digital footprint may also include media sites with which you engage, professional or personal web pages where you may appear, other online communities/forums which may be specific to your industry, your hobbies, and your community, etc.

For the digital places where you spend the most time, pick the dance floor image that best represents your engagement level. *

We all use online communication within our organizations. In your organization, which internal communication or other online communication mechanisms do you spend time using? *

For internal communication where you spend the most time, pick the dance floor image that best represents your engagement level. *

After completing your Google search and analyzing your online presence, what do you think your engagement says about you as a professional? *

Now, the following two questions will help you consider the potential upside to enhancing your online reputation.

What would you like your online reputation to be? *

Consider if PILOT gave you a magic wand you could make your online reputation anything you wanted it to be.

Some examples are: I want to be recognized as an expert in the area of X, I want to be seen as the best Realtor in SW Valley, I want to be known for my sense of humor and the humorous clips I post, I would like to be on the first page of a Google search for insurance brokers.
How would having an enhanced online reputation support your career goals? *

Some examples: It would provide me more opportunities to be a guest speaker. I could be seen as the top Realtor. It could improve my networking potential with others. I could receive greater visibility from internal leadership at my organization.
Now, watch this final video to hear some tips from Ben about how you can identify some immediate actions to impact your online reputation.

After listening to Ben's advice, what is one thing you can do now to enhance your online reputation in each of the following areas?

On external social media sites? *

With my digital footprint? *

When using internal communication platforms? *

Great work!

You will receive an email from PILOT shortly with your responses and some helpful tips. Use the tips to help you take immediate action. For our members, the next step is an upgrade their professional bio.